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Kawala Xie    

Multimedia Journalist/Media Expert

I'm a multimedia journalist and media expert with experience working in both the news and tech industry. Based in Melbourne, Australia, I'm currently a Senior Asia Domain Expert for Dataminr, a leading AI platform for real-time event and breaking news detection.  

My reporting focuses on international affairs, especially on the Asia-Pacific region. I've covered major stories ranging from politics, finance, defense, to social issues in the region including the US-China trade war, China's Two Sessions, North Korea's nuclear developments, and the recent Myanmar coup. Previous video and print works have been aired/published on Al Jazeera English, SBS Australia, and Shenzhen TV, etc.


I hold a M.S degree in journalism with a focus on broadcast and advanced video production from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York City.

I'm skilled in breaking news, social media, end-to-end video/TV production, and on-camera live presentation.

I have lived in America, China, and France for a certain period of time in my life so that I speak Cantonese, Mandarin, English, and French very well.

Work Experience

Work Experience

2016.8 - 2017.5

Columbia University 

Graduate School of Journalism

Master of Science M.S

▪ Focused on video reporting and production with coursework in deadline writing. One-woman band reporter covering breaking news and local general stories, with special interests in international and social issues

▪ Video stories include art installation in NYC subway allowing expression of views over presidential election and a canvass for Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania by her Latino supporters

▪ Co-President of Asian American Journalists Association, Columbia Chapter

2013.9 - 2016.5

Brandeis University

Bachelor of Arts B.A​ 

International and Global Studies / French and Francophone Studies

Minors in Journalism and Economics

Studied a semester abroad in Paris, France

Member of Honor Society

2012.9 - 2013.5

Boston University

Major in Broadcast Journalism

Member of BUTV 10

2020.1 - Current


  Melbourne, Australia

Senior Associate, Domain Expert

▪ Detect, verify, deliver real-time events and breaking news across the world through variety of online media sources including Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, etc for government, news, and finance clients 

▪ Often lead real-time coverage of Asia affairs including politics and financial and military events, occasionally cover other regions including US, West Europe, Latin America, and Africa 

▪ Office liaison for global Asia desk, draft coverage plan for major news events in Asia and drive research projects for specific topics such as Hong Kong National Security Law 

2019.1 - 2019.9


  Melbourne, Australia


Write and produce (research/pitch, interview, photo/videograph) original English news stories for radio network’s Cantonese language platform; stories ranging from international and domestic issues to business and technology.

2018.3 - 2018.8

Shenzhen Media Group (SZMG)

Washington D.C., United States

U.S. Correspondent

▪ On-camera correspondent covering White House and U.S State Department for Chinese broadcast television. Attended State Department press briefing and raised questions. Scripted and produced 3-4 news packages weekly airing on network’s core daily program, Greater China Live, first of its kind in Mainland China to cover international politics, defense strategy and other global affairs topics

▪ Monitored, gathered information, and produced news packages on deadline under breaking news situations. Produced more than 30 reports on US-North Korea nuclear talks

▪ Reported on events addressing international issues around think tanks in Washington D.C. Selected talking topics and booked relevant government officials and high-profile military, international economic, and regional conflict issues experts to appear on program

2017.6 - 2017.12

Al Jazeera International

New York, United States


▪ Researched and pitched stories with international impact for international network broadcast centers in Doha, London, and Washington D.C. Ideas from political debates such as gun violence prevention to climate change and business topics

▪ Produced news packages (setting up and conducting interviews, monitoring video production) airing during network news hours; stories include price-gouging during Hurricane Irma, shift of NYC fashion industry, and how NYC’s first-ever cultural plan benefits low-income communities


▪ Assisted in field production and other news planning for network’s New York bureau. Participated in field production during 2017 United Nations General Assembly

2016.10 - 2017.5


New York, United States


▪ General assignment print and video reporter covering breaking news in New York City.

▪ Breaking news broadcast stories include presidential inauguration and protests of Donald Trump’s immigration policy


         ▪ Show staff of The broadcast team. Occasionally went live from the field. Filled various positions on the show including field reporter, reporter on set, anchor, and line producer

2016.8 - 2016.11

The Uptowner

New York, United States


 ▪ Covered Manhattan neighborhoods Harlem, Washington Heights, and Inwood. Live-Tweeted and reported on presidential election

▪ Published on websites The Uptowner. Stories include the State Attorney General’s legal dispute over the sale of a Harlem nursing home and the controversy over the NYPD’s body camera program

2015.9 - 2015.12

Arlington Public News

Arlington, Mass., United States

News Intern

▪ Reported, shot, scripted, edited and tracked 12 news packages; handled on-air interviews and anchoring duties for local nonprofit cable television channel airing on the Newscast program. Stories ranged from local government and school news to pieces on reactions to the Paris terror attacks and local perspectives on China’s two-child policy

▪ Conducted studio tasks such as technical directing, camera shooting, audio control-board and teleprompter

2013.1 - 2015.9

Sampan Newspaper

Boston, United States

Reporter and Translator

▪ Covered Asian American community in Greater Boston. Pitched and published 15 bilingual stories in English and Chinese with photographs including pieces about college student events, immigration issues, and fund-raising events of non-profit organizations for bilingual, bi-weekly publication

▪ Translated English news articles into Chinese

2014.9 - 2014.12

C Média Europe

Paris, France


▪ Produced news packages in the department of technology. Covered Franco-Chinese political and cultural events and conducted on-air interviews in French and Chinese. Anchored for online media platform


▪ Edited and produced the daily program on Chinese culture, C Demain, for the French television Demain TV

2013.5 - 2013.7

Guangdong TV

Guangzhou, China


▪ Wrote scripts, edited and post-produced with producers of the health program

▪ Coordinated with producer and director for studio management during program taping


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